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  • Bedroom Layout Ideas for Small Rooms

    When you have a small home, there is always a problem of arranging things around the house. You might face this problem especially in your bedrooms, where you have to accommodate a bed, a study table and a wardrobe. There are many decorating ideas for arranging these in small spaces. In fact, a cozy room gives you the liberty to try out all possible creative arrangements, which you wouldn’t use in larger rooms.

    You can have bunk beds and a folding study table, with an internal wardrobe to have enough walking space. All you need is a little flexibility and versatility.

    Bedroom Layout for Small Rooms
    There are many apartments where the entire house is spaced out, but the bedrooms are tiny with very little space for moving. Designing a small room is not easy, but there’s a lot you can do over a few square feet; all you need is a creative mind. There are a few tips given below, for your convenience, read on and pick your favorite!

    ◆ Bed Layouts
    The first thing you have to take care about arranging in a small or master bedroom layout is the bed. There are many ways you can arrange your bed even if there is not enough space for a full-size double bed.

    Ideas like built-ins, convertibles and bunk beds are always useful to use this limited space smartly. If you have a main wall where you are planning to accommodate your bed, the best choice for a double bed would be a convertible which can be pulled out whenever required.

    If you are designing you children’s room, loft beds would be perfect, and if the wall where the bed is placed is high enough, you can also have a built-in bed.

    ◆ Closets and Wardrobes
    They are the most essential furniture, and their placement will make the most difference. You can opt for wardrobes built into the walls, as they provide enough storage space.

    Closets are smaller and more compact, and there are slots made in the walls of rooms for this purpose. Sliding doors are extremely helpful in saving space.

    You can also have a mirror on these doors, and the interior can have separate shelves for shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc.

    ◆ Accessories
    Once the main furniture in the room is all set, the layout is almost complete. Then, you can arrange remaining accessories like your study table, side tables, drawers, a chair, desktop/laptop, etc.

    Getting a built-in table which can be folded back into the wall is a great idea. This is also convenient if you have a laptop as you won’t need to set it up, unlike for a desktop.

    But if you have a desktop which you want to accommodate inside the room itself, you can have a small wooden table, built adjacent to the wall, with shelves on the upper sides. Once all the basics are sorted, you can go on to decorate the room.

    You must have got a fair idea on how you can accommodate all the necessary things in a small space. You can also make temporary arrangements for these ideas, so that you can rearrange them whenever you are bored of the layouts.

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  • Bedroom Colors and Moods

    Coloring your home can be fun while you choose various colors from the huge palette. The shade cards presenting thousands of options in front of you can be truly confusing. But, picking one for your house, especially for your bedrooms can be a very exciting task. Bedrooms are always spaces of special importance to the individuals. Each one of us would like to paint it in colors that we love to see. Paints have a huge impact on our moods and creating the ambiance. We just know that a light tone can help give a spacious feel to the room and a dark one adds to the cozy effect. But, do you know that colors are the most effective tools that you have to create desired moods? As choices differ, everyone’s response to particular color is quite different. So, while decorating and designing the bedroom, you must consider individual choices and color preferences. While choosing a scheme, pick colors that will create a warm mood enhancing space that says ‘relax’! If you are still confused about deciding your bedroom colors and moods, here’s some information on popular shades that you can use to create a specific ambiance.

    List of Choices

    Energetic Red

    The bright tones that create an energizing feeling are best ones to go for if you want to have your walls look lively. Red is one such hue that is known to increase blood circulation and give an energetic feel to the rooms where it is used. This can be an ideal pick for youngsters. It can also be ideal in rooms where you have the entertainment systems placed in or the game rooms. What’s more, red and white create a classic combo, and is also one of the popular combination for bedrooms. However, use of red wall paint must be avoided for babies’ rooms. Those who want to invigorate the bedrooms can grab the hot tones of red. Of course, red tops the list of romantic colors!

    Cooling Green

    If you want to create a cool and soft mood, you must check out the tones of green in this case. Greens create a cool ambiance and offer the best ones to have your room turned into a soothing and relaxing space. Sage is one of the most popular tone of greens used in interior painting. You could also opt for a combo of sage and ivory. You can also have tones of olive, which are extremely calming and ideal picks for adults’ rooms. This color can also be used for elderly people.

    Creative Purple

    Purple is a color that stimulates the creativity part of your brain. It is intense, and it inspires, suggests royalty, and femininity. The tones of purple and violet are perfect for girls’ rooms. They are also used for hobby rooms and forms ultimate hue for the focal walls of art loving people. This is one of the most decorative shade, which can convert a boring space into a glamorous area. One of the classic schemes can be a contrast of purple and gray.

    Cheerful Yellow

    Yellow is a flashy shade. No matter which tone of yellow you use it instantly grabs the attention. If you want bright, along with cheerful ambiance and illusion of space, then yellow is the right pick. It is not at all boring shade and keeps up the mood. Also, a right combination with warm shades like orange can create an ultimate looking space for men. Those searching for colors to create flashy walls can pick the brighter shades of yellow. A combo of gray and yellow ocher is sure to create an attention seeking space.

    Neutral Gray and Beige

    If you are really not sure about the shades you want to use, neutral shades are best picks. Shades of gray and beige are those, which have a neutral effect on the ambiance of your room. These are fresh and classy. Not too bright, not too flashy, and not at all hot, these shades are safest picks for those who are not sure about their own likes, dislikes and choices about colors. With right contrasts and combos, you can play up the interiors using these shades from the color palette.

    Room colors and the moods they create are a known fact today. While you might have just heard of the color therapy and feng shui, let me tell you that knowing or unknowingly you definitely experience the effect of a color on your mood. Like a calm sky blue and a bright turquoise have different effects on your mood. The way you feel while you look at various colors is definitely not the same. Since you see these colors after waking up in the morning and starting your day, the hues and tones used here must be the right ones. So which mood you want to set?

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  • Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Bedroom

    Curtain ideas depends largely upon the size and style of the doors and windows. There are certain other factors which have to be kept in mind while choosing the right kind of curtains for your bedroom. First of all, you have to decide on the amount of light you want inside the bedroom. Most importantly, the curtain should give you a sense of privacy when you are in the bedroom. If you are living in the countryside then you may not have a house close-by, but in a city, privacy of the bedroom is a vital factor which cannot be overlooked.

    For Small Windows
    You can use long, hanging curtains that extend below small windows. As a result, the size of the windows get covered, making it seem that the window is large. A flat Roman shade can add a style statement to a bedroom that has small windows. The shade can be made of soft fabric, or woven wood. These materials are semi-translucent, and hence, the outline of the window will be visible during the day. If you wish, you can use a blackout lining under the fabric for the sake of privacy.

    For Large Windows
    The challenge of large windows lies in the fact that they require a large amount of materials for the curtain. You can give a layered look to the large windows. For this, you have to use a multiple number of sheets of sheer curtains that will partly cover the window. These sheets will provide adequate support by a heavy panel of fabrics. This gives an interesting look to the large windows. For more decorative windows, you can use fabric valances that are made of hardboard with a heavy fabric padding.

    For Arched Windows
    When you have arched windows, you really don’t feel like covering it up with curtains as they have a character of their own. However, since some amount of privacy is essential, you have to put curtains on them. If the windows are facing your backyard then I would like to advise you to keep them without a curtain. Otherwise, keep the arch of the window uncovered and use a Roman shade of thin texture to cover the rest of the window that lies below the half circle. This way the beautiful shape of the window will not get affected. You can also fit a long rod on the wall near the ceiling and hang long, lightweight curtains or sheers, so that they do not cover up the design of the window, and can be pulled away from the window during the day.

    For Bay Windows
    Bay windows in a bedroom are excellent architectural features which add depth to the room. Curtains chosen for bay windows should be such that the natural look and feel of the windows do not get affected. You can hang a number of sheer panels over each section of the window. This way you can ensure plenty of sunlight inside the room during the day without hampering your privacy. In this manner, a nice flow of fabric may be created. If you do not prefer a formal look for your bedroom, then a cafe style curtain is the right choice for you which will cover only half the window. To make your bay windows look more colorful, you can place a valance at the top of the window. The color of the valance should either match or contrast with the color of the cafe curtain.

    For French Doors
    When your bedroom has French doors, then you have to select curtains that reduce the visibility and maintain the kind of privacy that you expect in a bedroom. Moreover, your movements through the doors should not get affected because of the curtain. The materials that are most commonly used on French doors are silk, muslin, and sheers. Curtains with lace look wonderful on French doors. You can also use French polyester voile for this purpose. This material has a refined texture which diffuses the light very beautifully.

    Selecting curtain ideas for bedrooms is a challenging task because it should be in sync with the style and feel of your bedroom decorating ideas. Once you have successfully done so, you will get a sense of fulfillment.

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  • Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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    A bedroom is a place where you can be yourself. It is an extension of your personality and character. Modern bedrooms are preferred by people who like an easy-to-maintain, contemporary look. Here are a few decorating ideas.

    Color Scheme: A bedroom should be painted in colors like mauve, white, pastels, and earthy tones. A combination of colors like greens and browns, mauve and golden are also very much in vogue.
    Fabric: Soothing, soft fabric should be used. Heavy velvety drapes are a big ‘no’ if you are aiming for a modern interior. Upholstery with geometric designs look very modern and classy, too.
    Accessories: Accessories are used to add glamor to the bedroom. They include things like wall hangings, nightstands, bedside lamps, and chandeliers. To achieve the modern contemporary look, accessories are used intelligently and minimally. Use metallic accessories like metal chandeliers and metal lamps.
    Furniture: Use sleek, sophisticated furniture instead of old country style furniture for a modern look. For example, use Italian leather beds or low-heightened platform beds. You may also choose cocoon beds which come in irregular designs, to give your room a unique look. While choosing chairs, tables, night stands, wardrobes, and other bedroom furniture see to it that they have a streamlined and clean cut look.

    Besides these, a few things should be kept in mind before starting any project. The bedroom should be totally clutter free. Unwanted material like old clothes, cosmetics, books, etc. should be thrown out. The wardrobe should be designed in such a way that it provides space for adequate storage. There should be lots of natural lighting in the bedroom and it should preferably face the east.

    When you think of decorating a bedroom, you should, first of all, have a particular look or theme in mind. Then, everything, right from the furniture, color scheme, fabric patterns, window dressing to lighting and accessories should revolve around that. Here are a few decor ideas.

    Italian Bedroom
    Paint the walls gray, as earthy tones are typical Italian colors. Place an Italian round leather bed of light brown color in the middle of the room. Hang five mirrors of different geometric shapes on the wall behind the bed. Place a long glass-top table in front of the bed and decorate it with a plant. Keep sleek leather chairs similar to study chairs on either side of this glass table. Use gray and brown upholstery for the room, and your modern Italian bedroom is ready.

    Dramatic Bedroom
    For giving a dramatic look to your bedroom, cover the walls with full-length dark tinted mirrors. Place a low-height bed made of light-colored wood in the room. Use lemon-colored upholstery for the room. Spread a lemon rug in front of the bed. Keep only one side table and place a red liquid lamp on it to add drama to the room. A liquid lamp looks like an inverted bucket with blood dripping out of it. Place red pillows on the bed to match the lamp. Use a variety of lights in the room like dim lights, bright lights, and overhead lights to experience different moods in the same room.

    Japanese Bedroom
    The Japanese are known for their modern and sleek looking homes. Try these Japanese interior designing ideas for your bedroom. Paint three walls white and the one behind the bed in red color, as white and red are typically oriental colors. The bedroom should ideally have a Raku Japanese tatami bed. If, for some reason, you are unable to get it, you may replace it with an easily available low platform wooden bed. Use white curtains and upholstery for the entire room. Place a long bolster pillow on the bed. The bolster draped in a white fabric pillow cover should have Japanese inscriptions on it. Use two wooden side tables. Place a Japanese vase with a natural plant on one side table and a small lamp with yellow light on the other one. Decorate the wall above the bed with two framed pictures that have Japanese artwork on them. Add an oriental rug, and voila! Your modern Japanese bedroom is ready.

    Fun Bedroom
    Paint the entire room in mauve. Use white furniture, like a white cocoon bed, which comes in an irregular shape and white side tables, which are directly in contrast with the wall paint. Hang different-sized and multicolored paper lanterns from the ceiling on top of the bed. The lanterns will add a lot of color and fun to the room. Use white upholstery and curtains. Place multicolored pillows in contrast to the white bed cover. Avoid keeping anything on the side tables to give the room a clean look.

    Romantic Bedroom
    Bedroom is a place for intimacy and romance, and what color would represent romance better than red? In order to give the room a modern look, paint the room cream and use red accessories like a red vase, a red arc lamp, red scented candles, and a red chandelier. Use pink satin or silk fabric for upholstery. Add an element of mystery to the room by decorating the walls with pictures of female figures, whose faces are half covered with hair or cloth and are not fully visible. This is one of those ideas which will surely ignite your passion.

    A bedroom is a place where you pamper yourself and the ones you love. The modern home decor should lend both warmth and sophistication to your personal space. Here’s hoping that these ideas simultaneously bring comfort to you and add spice to your life!

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  • Black and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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    Black and white looks chic, and you’ll avoid all the time spent on deciding furniture colors. Bedroom decorations in black and white are especially a craze for teens and newlywed couples looking for a bit of the oomph factor in their love lives. The two colors are the symbol of opposites and their co-existence. It is the symbol of complementary natures, proverbially the yin & yang of life. Their complementing nature is beautifully exhibited, as without each other, the room would look too monochromatic. White makes the room look bigger than it is, while adding a few patches of black will add a dramatic contrast making the room look unique. Collectively, all these factors make this bedroom an option that you should definitely try out.

    Furniture Ideas

    This should ideally include everything, right from the flooring and walls to the furniture and accessories. If the walls are not already been painted, we can let our imagination run wild by designing the wall color in a more intricate way. Use furniture to add more variety. You can have a black bed with dual-toned bed sheets, and zebra patterned blankets. Alternatively, you could have a pure black bed sheet with a white pillow-case. Polka dots on the two colors look great too. You could also go for a pure white bed with a black headrest.

    It is also very important to have the correct lampshades and lamp lighting. Ditch the bulbs and go for CFLs. They’ll look great with such a bedroom and conserve energy too. Lampshades will have to be white, no choices there. But the black lamp-stand will look pretty good with it. If you’re a big fan of patterns, you can go for spotted lamp-stands. Hanging lights on the side of your bed looks good too. IMO, chandeliers might not look good in such a setting. For me, angular is the way to go. The lampshades must be small and angular.

    Wardrobes occupy a large part of the room, so they better not look woody. You don’t need so much contrast. You can get a black wardrobe with white doors or vice versa. Even though patterns are in fashion, I would say use them prudently. Vary between hard colors and patterns as much as you can.

    Among other accessories, you may put a chic black TV or a home theater, depending upon the size of your bedroom and your redecoration budget. You can have potted plants, which although green, lend something special to the place. The crazier among us can also use the leafless plastic twigs. White curtains will look pretty good too. As will black dressers. Its best to keep the flooring white. For the ones who want to go for the no-holds-barred sexy look, throw in a splash of darkish-maroon, or even better, a darker shade of violet.

    So don’t just restrict yourself to the ‘good-old-fashioned cream-n-beige with golden lights’. Let the black and white shades add that bit of sophistication and uniqueness to your bedroom.

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  • Palm Tree Bedding

    We spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping; hence, special care should be taken when it comes to the choice of bedding. Good bedding goes hand-in-hand with sound sleep. Decorate your bedroom in different ways using unique styles like contemporary, retro, dorm, etc.

    Palm tree bedding is one of the ways of decorating your bed and the room. You can choose wonderfully-designed bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, etc., for your room. With a luxurious bedding, your room will look more beautiful and classy.

    A Theme for the Bedroom

    You can even give a palm tree theme to your living room, bathroom, etc. It is all about decorating your room with beautiful tropical colors which can appear like bringing home a paradise.

    If you want a bed of different shape and size to suit the theme, you can order it to be made specially and then decorate it. Luxurious beds are available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king size with supreme dimensions. The mattress and comforter should be chosen in such a way that they have designs to match with the decor. It features elegant tapestry fabric along with tailored bed skirt. They are available in different colors like apple green, chocolate-brown, raspberry, etc. The color of bedding and its delicate look, matches any color, theme, and furniture that you have in your room.

    With this theme, you can enhance the look of your bedroom, thus giving it a perfect and lively look. You will feel like, you are on an island enjoying your holidays; thus making your bedroom a perfect vacation spot.

    People staying in waterfront areas as well as desert-locked areas can opt for this type of bedding. This theme is very famous not only for interiors but also for exteriors like backyard, garden, balcony decor, etc. Many people choose it because it gives a fancy look to the whole room, and provides a soothing feeling. It is popular and versatile. With its soft and neutral color patterns, you can decorate your bed according to your mood, season, choice, etc. Some people even choose scenic wallpapers to add to its aesthetic value. People with artistic mind, choose to paint their bed sheets and pillow covers; some prefer hand or machine embroidery. To add more to the look, you can have an artificial palm tree in your bedroom.

    So, with this type of bedding, you can decorate your room by giving it a tropical look. It will make you feel as though you are on your favorite beach. With a properly-decorated bedroom, you can feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

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