• Furnishing a New Home

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    Moving into a new place can be exhausting. Not only are there a billion things to do, but there’s also the question of equipping yourself with the bare essentials to make it habitable. However, a new home is also a fresh start, the beginning of a new chapter, and for many, the harbinger of good things to come. The process of furnishing it need not be very harrowing. It can be made enjoyable by taking your time and planning it step by step.

    When decorating a new home, it’s tempting to use your credit card and buy everything in sight. However, doing this will simply result in impulse buying and may even raise your chances of ruining your credit rating. Instead, you could visit stores to identify pieces that you like, but stave off buying too much at once. When buying furniture piece by piece, you can bring a unique touch to your home by creating a blend of styles that showcase your taste and personality. You can also organize your ideas by creating a checklist for the same.

    It’s understandable to be stretched to your financial limit when you’ve bought a new home. If you add the cost of home decorating to that, the numbers go pretty high. Following are some tips if you’re looking to decorate your home on a budget.

    Essentials Versus Luxuries
    When you’re on a tight budget, you may want to rank furniture items in order of importance. What you need immediately as opposed to what you can do without for a while. For instance, you may be able to do without a bed for a bit, but a mattress or a couch would probably feature on an essential list. It all depends on an individual’s priorities. Hence, the list varies greatly from person to person. Identify these must-haves and get them promptly. Remember, fewer the items you can live with, the better are your chances of saving up for nicer pieces later.

    Garage Sales/Second Hand Stores
    You may be surprised at the treasures you come across at yard sales and second hand stores, so don’t simply dismiss this option. However, it will need patience. You may have to go through several garage sales before you find a piece that truly appeals to you. It’s also easy to get attracted to bargains when you’re on a budget, so try to make out whether you are attracted to the price or the product. If it’s the former, don’t buy it. Deals are great, but when you’re looking for furniture pieces, it’s better to buy one that you really like as opposed to one that’s low-priced. You can also refurbish an old piece of furniture to give it a new lease of life, saving you a bit in the bargain.

    Use Accessories
    Accessories can be a boon to someone furnishing a new home on a budget. They can add color and style to a given space at a fraction of the cost of a piece of furniture. Rugs, throws, cushions, and knickknacks can completely transform a room, and the best part is that you can change these according to your mood.

    When moving into a new home, some planning and visualization needs to be done before you begin to decorate and furnish the place. Simply purchasing new items without giving a thought to how they will look can make your house look disorganized, mismatched, and cluttered. Given below are some tips for the same.

    Make a Floor Plan
    It helps to a great degree if you can visualize your room before you start with your purchases. Allocating space to pieces that will be in the room, like a sofa in the living room or a desk in your study, will save you from purchasing a piece of furniture that’s too big or too small. Issuing a mental space to what you buy will also prevent cluttering, so make sure that you take measurements with a tape measure, draw diagrams, take notes, and write down the dimensions. A floor plan might open up newer and better ways to place your furniture when you put down your ideas.

    Identify a Style
    When looking for home decorating ideas, keep in mind that you’re setting up for the long haul. So don’t be afraid to deviate from the current trends and identify your own style. Read and do your research on home decorating tips so that you feel prepared and have a plan of action. It’s always best to decorate a new home in a way that appeals to you personally, since it is you that’s going to be spending the most time in it.

    Get Creative
    There’s no place like your own home for unleashing your creative side, and no better place to showcase it. It may be difficult to do this if you’re living with others, or if either you or they are unsure about experimenting. Hence, choose a small space and make it your own. If you have kids, discuss ideas for their rooms with them, and encourage them to be creative as well. Take your time to look through magazines and periodicals for ideas on interior decorating.

    Finally and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Don’t let the multitude of options bewilder you, or the enormity of the task at hand overwhelm you. Furnishing your new abode can be as exhilarating as you choose to make it.

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  • Mediterranean Furniture Style

    The Mediterranean influence can be seen in most interior designing themes and the best way to do it is to opt for Mediterranean style of furniture. The Mediterranean style of decorating is inspired from Mediterranean architecture from certain regions of the world like Italy, south of France, Tuscany, Spain, Greece and Morocco. The Mediterranean style of furniture is neither overly ornate like Victorian and Edwardian furniture nor is it very minimalistic in design. It is a unique combination of rustic as well as exotic design which goes very well with both cottage style house or modern and contemporary apartment. The main feature of Mediterranean furniture design and style is that they are short in stature, i.e. they are built very low to the ground. Since Mediterranean furniture style is such a broad term and different regions of the Mediterranean comes with different designs and styles in furniture, here we will try to explain them in detail.

    Mediterranean Furniture Design and Styles

    The most popular style of Mediterranean furniture comes from the Tuscan region in central Italy. The Tuscan region is well-known for its famous artists and landscapes and it has an old-world charm. Rustic furniture in solid wood are the hallmarks of this region.

    Bedroom Furniture
    For Mediterranean bedroom furniture styles, a four-poster low bed in dark wood is a must. Since stone or brick floors are a part of Mediterranean style, wood furniture in sturdy and rugged design goes well with it. To incorporate this style in your home, you should invest in low but solid wooden furniture and furnish it with colors like teal, orange and chocolate. Earthy tones of brown and rust are also good furnishing colors when you are decorating your house in the Mediterranean style.

    Dining Room Furniture
    No Mediterranean interior design is complete without good Mediterranean dining room furniture. The dining room should exude warmth and should be rustic and inviting. Furniture in the dining room should be rustic, heavy and use different design elements. A big wooden top dining table with simple wrought iron chairs are great for incorporating a Mediterranean theme in your house. A hand painted sideboard in dark wood is also a must-have piece of Mediterranean furniture in the dining room. Use mosaic art, terracotta utensils and stained glass lamps to create the right ambiance in the dining room.

    Living Room Furniture
    Low, soft couches in off white or pristine white is a must have furniture piece in Mediterranean style decorating. This simple piece of furniture can be jazzed up by the use of a colorful cushion and throws in colors such as azure blue, gold, copper, olive green and orange. Colors are the most important element of Mediterranean furniture styles. These colors will bring out the Mediterranean decor theme in your house. Two or more materials are often combined in Mediterranean styles like wood and wrought iron. Wood and wrought iron furniture pieces are most often seen in coffee tables, bookcases and center tables as Mediterranean living room furniture. This combination of different materials in furniture helps to give the living room a very casual and serene atmosphere.

    Outdoor Furniture
    Wrought iron furniture which is often combined with tiny mosaic pieces are great choice for Mediterranean outdoor furniture. You can also opt for low rattan furniture, furnished with white and azure blue cushions for the patio. A wrought iron center table is also perfect for the patio. To complete the Mediterranean theme, decorate the patio with potted plants in large terracotta pots and hanging flower baskets in wrought iron holders.

    Another style of Mediterranean furniture that is very popular is hand painted furniture. This is mostly seen as Moroccan influence in Mediterranean furniture and has a very old-world and rustic appeal. Mediterranean furniture style can best be described as rustic yet chic. Mediterranean style furniture should immediately bring to mind images of the sea, open spaces and azure sky. Mediterranean decorating ideas are of course just not limited to furniture. You can create a unique Mediterranean theme in your home by using pottery, colorful rugs, tiles and artifacts. The list is limitless, but just keep in mind that less is more when it comes to decorating your home in Mediterranean style.

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  • Contemporary Interior Design Tips

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    Contemporary design ideas are meant for those who prefer homes that are clutter-free and functional. This became popular in Europe initially, before America in the late 1950s. Contemporary styles are based on the concept of keeping the interiors of a home or office, simple and uncomplicated. There is minimum usage of furniture and accessories, with greater emphasis laid on optimum space utilization.

    Use minimum furniture in your home. The size of the beds or the couches can range from small to medium-sized. Beds can be low-lying and made from metal or lightweight wood. Platform and Italian leather beds look good in modern houses. In the bedroom, except for two side tables and a closet, there is no need for any other furniture piece. Even if chairs and tables are placed in the bedroom, care should be taken that only those that have a streamlined look should be purchased. For the living room, one can place sofas of different geometrical shapes, such as round or L-shaped. Sofas should be sleek and designed in such a way that they occupy minimal space.

    Color Scheme
    When it comes to contemporary designs, futuristic colors such as silver, bronze, copper, and blue, are the most apt. People interested in using bright colors for their home can go for orange and green. Green being an eco-friendly color is considered very modern and is quite a rage, nowadays. Avoid loud colors such as neon or common colors such as pink, while designing a house. Using pastel shades is another good option.

    The fabric used for upholstery, curtains, tablecloths, etc., should be soft and soothing to the eye. Fabrics with geometric designs look very good. Heavy, coarse, or velvety fabrics, should be avoided, completely.

    Equipment and Wiring
    A modern home is incomplete without electronic gadgets such as an LCD TV, computer, music system, refrigerator, microwave, etc. Going for wireless options for these gadgets can add a stylish look to a house.

    Unlike traditional homes where accessories are used liberally, modern homes make use of minimal accessories, which occupy less space on the walls. Lamps and chandeliers made of metal are commonly used nowadays.

    All these interior designing ideas entail proper space utilization. One should get rid of unwanted things such as old clothes, equipment, etc. There should be proper and adequate storage in the house so that everything can be kept inside, neatly. A modern house should have lots of natural lighting and hence, large windows should ideally be installed in all rooms. Modeling the entire house around a popular theme, such as an Italian or a Japanese one, can also be done.

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  • Modern Interior Designing Ideas

    It was only last month that my friend Martha decided to re-decorate her apartment. She wanted a clutter-free, simple, and functional space, with luxurious ambiance as well. Her home was cramped with too much of furniture and no matter what she did – the place always seemed to be in a mess. Her interior designer suggested that she should let go of all her excess furniture and re-model the house to make the space seem uncomplicated. What was once an overcrowded run-of-the-mill apartment had now been transformed into a simple and stylish space.

    Modern interior designing mantra is keeping things simple and uncomplicated. Too much of furniture and too much of decorating takes away the beauty of the space rather than enhancing it. If you are planning to decorate your home this season then you should know that modern interior designing is the hottest trend in town. Interior designers are trying to create practical and modern living spaces that suit the busy new-age lifestyle.

    Modern Interior Designing Ideas

    Less is more: Modern interior designing concepts are based on clean and clear lines. Try to keep your furniture to a bare minimum. For example, while working on your living room, try to keep the furniture limited to large couch (preferably one with straight lines and geometrical shapes) and additional two or three extra chairs. Do not clutter the room with additional futons or benches.

    Wireless World: Electronic appliances are an integral part of the homes today. Be it the refrigerator, the microwave in the kitchen, the sleek television sets in the living room, or the music systems and the laptops in the house – there are a number of electronics which need to have a proper space in the house. Try to incorporate wireless appliances and have flawlessly concealed wiring throughout the house.

    Keeping it Simple: Modern interior designing is all about keeping it all clean and clear with flawless lines and geometrical shapes. The alignment as well as the shapes of the furniture – everything is designed around this concept. Try to keep everything simple and functional in the house. In case you are planning to have a studio apartment, try to maintain the simplicity and enhance the functionality of the space.

    Right Colors: Try to create an ambiance that oozes class and style without too much of effort. Try not to use too many colors, since you don’t want the colors to overpower the entire ambiance, but rather enrich it in a subtle and stylish way. A contrast between light-colored serene walls and furniture in deep-colors can be a great idea.

    Space Utilization: Making optimum use of space for storage should be the number one priority while designing a home. While making enough room for storage try to ensure that there is a lot of free space to move around. Modern interior designing is all about making the rooms seem more spacious than they actually are.

    Invest Wisely: Instead of cluttering the house with too many decorative articles, it is always wise to invest in fewer and better interior designing ideas. Always try to create one or maximum of two attention points in a single room and design the entire room around it. This helps to maintain the simplicity and enhances the aesthetic value of the entire room.

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  • Bedroom Layout Ideas for Small Rooms

    When you have a small home, there is always a problem of arranging things around the house. You might face this problem especially in your bedrooms, where you have to accommodate a bed, a study table and a wardrobe. There are many decorating ideas for arranging these in small spaces. In fact, a cozy room gives you the liberty to try out all possible creative arrangements, which you wouldn’t use in larger rooms.

    You can have bunk beds and a folding study table, with an internal wardrobe to have enough walking space. All you need is a little flexibility and versatility.

    Bedroom Layout for Small Rooms
    There are many apartments where the entire house is spaced out, but the bedrooms are tiny with very little space for moving. Designing a small room is not easy, but there’s a lot you can do over a few square feet; all you need is a creative mind. There are a few tips given below, for your convenience, read on and pick your favorite!

    ◆ Bed Layouts
    The first thing you have to take care about arranging in a small or master bedroom layout is the bed. There are many ways you can arrange your bed even if there is not enough space for a full-size double bed.

    Ideas like built-ins, convertibles and bunk beds are always useful to use this limited space smartly. If you have a main wall where you are planning to accommodate your bed, the best choice for a double bed would be a convertible which can be pulled out whenever required.

    If you are designing you children’s room, loft beds would be perfect, and if the wall where the bed is placed is high enough, you can also have a built-in bed.

    ◆ Closets and Wardrobes
    They are the most essential furniture, and their placement will make the most difference. You can opt for wardrobes built into the walls, as they provide enough storage space.

    Closets are smaller and more compact, and there are slots made in the walls of rooms for this purpose. Sliding doors are extremely helpful in saving space.

    You can also have a mirror on these doors, and the interior can have separate shelves for shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc.

    ◆ Accessories
    Once the main furniture in the room is all set, the layout is almost complete. Then, you can arrange remaining accessories like your study table, side tables, drawers, a chair, desktop/laptop, etc.

    Getting a built-in table which can be folded back into the wall is a great idea. This is also convenient if you have a laptop as you won’t need to set it up, unlike for a desktop.

    But if you have a desktop which you want to accommodate inside the room itself, you can have a small wooden table, built adjacent to the wall, with shelves on the upper sides. Once all the basics are sorted, you can go on to decorate the room.

    You must have got a fair idea on how you can accommodate all the necessary things in a small space. You can also make temporary arrangements for these ideas, so that you can rearrange them whenever you are bored of the layouts.

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  • Bedroom Colors and Moods

    Coloring your home can be fun while you choose various colors from the huge palette. The shade cards presenting thousands of options in front of you can be truly confusing. But, picking one for your house, especially for your bedrooms can be a very exciting task. Bedrooms are always spaces of special importance to the individuals. Each one of us would like to paint it in colors that we love to see. Paints have a huge impact on our moods and creating the ambiance. We just know that a light tone can help give a spacious feel to the room and a dark one adds to the cozy effect. But, do you know that colors are the most effective tools that you have to create desired moods? As choices differ, everyone’s response to particular color is quite different. So, while decorating and designing the bedroom, you must consider individual choices and color preferences. While choosing a scheme, pick colors that will create a warm mood enhancing space that says ‘relax’! If you are still confused about deciding your bedroom colors and moods, here’s some information on popular shades that you can use to create a specific ambiance.

    List of Choices

    Energetic Red

    The bright tones that create an energizing feeling are best ones to go for if you want to have your walls look lively. Red is one such hue that is known to increase blood circulation and give an energetic feel to the rooms where it is used. This can be an ideal pick for youngsters. It can also be ideal in rooms where you have the entertainment systems placed in or the game rooms. What’s more, red and white create a classic combo, and is also one of the popular combination for bedrooms. However, use of red wall paint must be avoided for babies’ rooms. Those who want to invigorate the bedrooms can grab the hot tones of red. Of course, red tops the list of romantic colors!

    Cooling Green

    If you want to create a cool and soft mood, you must check out the tones of green in this case. Greens create a cool ambiance and offer the best ones to have your room turned into a soothing and relaxing space. Sage is one of the most popular tone of greens used in interior painting. You could also opt for a combo of sage and ivory. You can also have tones of olive, which are extremely calming and ideal picks for adults’ rooms. This color can also be used for elderly people.

    Creative Purple

    Purple is a color that stimulates the creativity part of your brain. It is intense, and it inspires, suggests royalty, and femininity. The tones of purple and violet are perfect for girls’ rooms. They are also used for hobby rooms and forms ultimate hue for the focal walls of art loving people. This is one of the most decorative shade, which can convert a boring space into a glamorous area. One of the classic schemes can be a contrast of purple and gray.

    Cheerful Yellow

    Yellow is a flashy shade. No matter which tone of yellow you use it instantly grabs the attention. If you want bright, along with cheerful ambiance and illusion of space, then yellow is the right pick. It is not at all boring shade and keeps up the mood. Also, a right combination with warm shades like orange can create an ultimate looking space for men. Those searching for colors to create flashy walls can pick the brighter shades of yellow. A combo of gray and yellow ocher is sure to create an attention seeking space.

    Neutral Gray and Beige

    If you are really not sure about the shades you want to use, neutral shades are best picks. Shades of gray and beige are those, which have a neutral effect on the ambiance of your room. These are fresh and classy. Not too bright, not too flashy, and not at all hot, these shades are safest picks for those who are not sure about their own likes, dislikes and choices about colors. With right contrasts and combos, you can play up the interiors using these shades from the color palette.

    Room colors and the moods they create are a known fact today. While you might have just heard of the color therapy and feng shui, let me tell you that knowing or unknowingly you definitely experience the effect of a color on your mood. Like a calm sky blue and a bright turquoise have different effects on your mood. The way you feel while you look at various colors is definitely not the same. Since you see these colors after waking up in the morning and starting your day, the hues and tones used here must be the right ones. So which mood you want to set?

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  • Affordable Modern Furniture

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    It is a general misconception that modern furniture is very expensive. However, if you undertake sufficient research and consider some important factors, you can get them at very inexpensive prices. Furniture styles have certainly evolved over time, having gone through several changes. The patterns and outlook are more advanced and trendy. Due to their style and convenience, they are in a high demand, which is one of the reasons for high prices.

    Modern and Old Furniture

    The main difference between today’s furniture and the furniture in the early decades is that the former is made using cheaper material, such as tubular steel, aluminum, vinyl, and glass. Despite cheaper material, a majority of them are still expensive and far from the reach of the common man. This is possibly due to the involutions and the convenience that you get in return. They may have a bed, table, and some other things built in a single couch. Earlier, the furniture was made using good quality material, which was durable, but they didn’t have the functionality provided by the modern ones. Some shops still stock this ancient furniture that is very rare, and as a result, it’s still in high demand.

    Modern Furniture

    An Introduction

    There are several companies that offer modern furniture at very affordable prices. The reason is that they are manufactured in quantity on an assembly line. There are some companies, which manufacture individual parts, and later, assemble them to make different types of home and office furniture. This is known as modular furniture and is normally available at considerably lower prices as compared to single-piece furniture. Such affordable furniture is readily available in local furniture stores.

    Material and Prices

    Today’s furniture is made from unconventional substances, like rattan cane, which is quite inexpensive in comparison with traditional wood. Rattan cane can be molded into different patterns, which may be used to create innovative designs. A rattan cane sofa set and an ‘end table’ may be priced at less than USD 3,000, whereas a dinner set may be available for less than USD 2,000. Wicker wood is also another inexpensive material used for manufacturing cheap modern furniture. However, it is soft and doesn’t look attractive unless it is polished or finished in an efficient manner.

    Where and When to Buy?

    The internet is certainly a good place to search for affordable modern furniture. There are many shopping sites that have good offers for modern houses and offices. If you want to check the furniture displayed on the site in person, you can email your requirement to them. They would certainly provide information about furniture shops in your locality, which they are associated with.

    It is not necessary for the furniture to be branded or unique. They still look beautiful and can provide the convenience that expensive ones do. A majority of people believe that they are more perdurable than customized or designer furniture. They are a good alternative for families who live within a budget, and want to buy a very nice piece of home furniture. You can also get the best quality furniture in an auction sale or an exhibition. The best time to buy such furniture is during a season sale, as you get a variety with discounted prices.

    There are many places where you can purchase good and affordable modern furniture, such as festival and clearance sales, yard sales, or directly from factory outlets.

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  • Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Furniture is a basic necessity in any house that distinguishes it from the rest. eco-friendly décor is a trending option today. It offers a variety of eco-friendly materials that are made from recycled and harvested wood, bio-based as well as non toxic materials that cause less pollution. There are plenty of products that you can select, according to your requirements and style logo.

    Industrial Scraps
    Researchers have found out a rather chic way of managing industrial scrap by using it in making a variety of products that are aesthetic as well as eclectic. These items are available in various striking colors as well as with washable qualities which increases their durability.

    Egg Cartons
    Egg cartons are made from cardboard. There are various eco-friendly baby furniture items made from these waste cartons. They are turned into a paper pulp that can be later processed into various small desks and stools for kids.

    Recycled Fiber
    Couches, chairs, and even sofa cushions are a combination of steel mesh and fiber sacks that were previously being used for the transportation of grains and stones. These items are lightweight. Some of these products come with low watt light fixtures that add a unique accent by emitting lights.

    Bamboo and Cane
    Both cane and bamboo are grown on a large scale in most parts of Asia. They get easily destroyed, and hence they need not to be sent in the landfills. Most of these pieces are handmade, so they don’t require machinery and are free from causing pollution. They are also available in numerous styles and designs and are easy on the budget as well.

    Tips for Buying

    It is best not to throw away old furniture as you can donate it or sell it to someone who needs it. Plus you can also think about recycling it to fit your needs.
    Always buy products that have been made using wood that is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
    Purchase from your local retailer as much as possible that saves the transportation cost, as well as pollution.
    Along with paints, it can actually contaminate your indoor air as they can emit toxic rays. Hence, it is important to choose the substances that are water-based and with the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
    Use foam inside the furniture that is not processed with the flame retardants.
    Always use eco-friendly fabric with natural colors and dyes. Cotton is traditionally treated with heavy amount of pesticides and VOCs for the desired color of the fabric. This can cause harm to the health as well as the environment. So, try to avoid it and use organic cotton.

    With rising pollution and environmental degradation, protecting the environment must be our primary goal. This kind of furniture can take you one step ahead in this noble cause, with an added panache to your house.

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  • Types of Attic Vents

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    Attic is a place no one wants to visit unless it is absolutely necessary. We have all been scared of venturing anywhere close to these secluded areas, thanks to our figments of imagination in the form of attic monsters. Even though we are adults, we still have our inhibitions. Most of the time we just store all are excess luggage in there, and forget all about it. However, it is important to know that attic ventilation is absolutely necessary for keeping your house well-ventilated and free of moisture, odor, rust, or rot. So, if you are considering home improvements, make sure attic ventilation is high on your priority list.

    During summer, the heat may get trapped in the attic. This may result in an increase in your utility bills due to the extra cooling that will be required. Similarly, if the moisture formed in the house accumulates in the attic, it may lead to decomposition of the wood and infestation of microbes such as mold and mildew.

    The types of attics differ based on the requirements of the residential building codes. Basically, there are two types available- exhaust vents and intake vents. Exhaust vents allow the air from the house to escape out, whereas intake vents let the outside air into the house. These are the two primary types, the rest differ in structure and are categorized as follows.

    Soffit Vents
    These are installed in attics with high vents, mostly in the overhanging part of the roof. Soffit vents are the best option for homes that have only one type of venting. These are screened vents that protect the house from moisture and also insects and snow.

    Ridge Vents
    These are installed throughout the length of the peak of the roof. The volume of airflow for ridge attic vent is much more than any other fixed vent for attics. Ridge vents are screened and therefore, protect the house from insects and are effective all around the year. Ridge vent with baffles are considered more beneficial than simple ridge vents.

    Gable Vents
    These come in a variety of shapes such as circular, triangular, and square. They are installed just below the roof peaks and help in protecting your home from strong winds, heavy snow, and also infestation to some extent. However, the life of these vents is lesser than the others and they do not ventilate the entire attic, but just a part of it. Therefore, if you have a smaller attic gable, these may work for your home.

    Solar Vents
    These are cost-effective and as the name suggests, make use of solar energy to enable ventilation. Solar attic fans are charged up by solar energy and maintain a balanced airflow in the house. Installation charges are all that may cost you and will effectively reduce your utility bills.

    Attic fans are very cost-effective and installing them is easier than the other vents. Also, solar attic fan installation can be very easy and you can do it yourself.

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  • Wet Sanding

    Wet sanding is a better alternative to ordinary drywall sanding when it comes to household repair or remodeling. This method is effective and safe, firstly because dry dust is not released into the surrounding air when it is actually happening. So, even for people who are highly allergic to dust can use this method. And secondly, since there is not a lot of dust, so no extra efforts are required to clean up the mess that settles on the furniture. So, it is easy, practical, and feasible, too.

    Technically, wet sanding is nothing but a process of dry sanding an inflicted drywall or plaster at the time of repairs in your home. The main ingredient used in sanding is a sanding sponge. It is the ‘tool’ used to sand the patches and blocks on the wall. It often requires rinsing and cleansing! In this article, we discuss an easy way to wet sand wood, the materials required for the same, and other essential tips that help you complete the project effectively.

    Wet Sanding Wood

    The main objective of sanding wood, or any other wooden furniture is to reduce the usage of liquid sandpaper. Dry sanding with a sandpaper creates a blockage in the material you are trying to remove. It often sticks to the paper and makes your job all the more tough. Wet sanding on the other hand removes the waste material in the blink of an eye and also keeps the sandpaper all clean. When it comes to furniture, merely applying varnishes and paint doesn’t cut it. Achieving a perfectly refurbished surface is an important aspect. The following steps tell you exactly how to do it. You may use this method to work on any kind of furniture.

    1. Sand the surface to a 320 grit and remove all the sanding dust from the holes and pores of the furniture. You will have to use compressed air or an ordinary vacuum to do so. Keep a tack cloth at hand to clean the surface.

    2. Paste a wood filler to create a smooth, furbished surface on your working piece. Now, mix water and detergent to create a simple solution and wet sand the surface with it. Use a rubber sanding block at the bottom center. In the final step, use an automotive wax to polish the object you are working on.

    Tips for Wet Sanding Drywall

    Selecting the Sponge: Sponge selection is the most important aspect of wet sanding. They aren’t heavy weighted at all and are easily available. Since they are light-weight, they are bigger in size, at least bigger than your ordinary kitchen sponge. They can wet and sand the drywall simultaneously. It is advisable to invest in a sponge that tapers at its corners.
    Cleaning the Sponge: Now, a constant usage of the sponge is definitely going to mud the sponge, with all the sediments and particles absorbed in it. So, you will have to clean it often. Ensure to keep a bucket of water to rinse and wring the sponge in frequently. Also, make sure you replace and refill the bucket with freshwater occasionally.
    Using Water: Water isn’t always a good solution to everything. For example, if you use too much water for wet sanding, it will have a substantial effect on the wall and will strikingly reduce the drying time. This would lengthen your working project and ultimately bore you till it is all over. Another aspect of using excessive water is the lifting or turning of the plaster wall. Too much liquid on it would make it all messy. So wring your sponge as often as you can to avoid all this fuss.

    Don’t hasten while working on any remodeling project. Understand that effective finessing and refinement of an object takes time.

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