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  • Contemporary Interior Design Tips

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    Contemporary design ideas are meant for those who prefer homes that are clutter-free and functional. This became popular in Europe initially, before America in the late 1950s. Contemporary styles are based on the concept of keeping the interiors of a home or office, simple and uncomplicated. There is minimum usage of furniture and accessories, with greater emphasis laid on optimum space utilization.

    Use minimum furniture in your home. The size of the beds or the couches can range from small to medium-sized. Beds can be low-lying and made from metal or lightweight wood. Platform and Italian leather beds look good in modern houses. In the bedroom, except for two side tables and a closet, there is no need for any other furniture piece. Even if chairs and tables are placed in the bedroom, care should be taken that only those that have a streamlined look should be purchased. For the living room, one can place sofas of different geometrical shapes, such as round or L-shaped. Sofas should be sleek and designed in such a way that they occupy minimal space.

    Color Scheme
    When it comes to contemporary designs, futuristic colors such as silver, bronze, copper, and blue, are the most apt. People interested in using bright colors for their home can go for orange and green. Green being an eco-friendly color is considered very modern and is quite a rage, nowadays. Avoid loud colors such as neon or common colors such as pink, while designing a house. Using pastel shades is another good option.

    The fabric used for upholstery, curtains, tablecloths, etc., should be soft and soothing to the eye. Fabrics with geometric designs look very good. Heavy, coarse, or velvety fabrics, should be avoided, completely.

    Equipment and Wiring
    A modern home is incomplete without electronic gadgets such as an LCD TV, computer, music system, refrigerator, microwave, etc. Going for wireless options for these gadgets can add a stylish look to a house.

    Unlike traditional homes where accessories are used liberally, modern homes make use of minimal accessories, which occupy less space on the walls. Lamps and chandeliers made of metal are commonly used nowadays.

    All these interior designing ideas entail proper space utilization. One should get rid of unwanted things such as old clothes, equipment, etc. There should be proper and adequate storage in the house so that everything can be kept inside, neatly. A modern house should have lots of natural lighting and hence, large windows should ideally be installed in all rooms. Modeling the entire house around a popular theme, such as an Italian or a Japanese one, can also be done.

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  • Modern Interior Designing Ideas

    It was only last month that my friend Martha decided to re-decorate her apartment. She wanted a clutter-free, simple, and functional space, with luxurious ambiance as well. Her home was cramped with too much of furniture and no matter what she did – the place always seemed to be in a mess. Her interior designer suggested that she should let go of all her excess furniture and re-model the house to make the space seem uncomplicated. What was once an overcrowded run-of-the-mill apartment had now been transformed into a simple and stylish space.

    Modern interior designing mantra is keeping things simple and uncomplicated. Too much of furniture and too much of decorating takes away the beauty of the space rather than enhancing it. If you are planning to decorate your home this season then you should know that modern interior designing is the hottest trend in town. Interior designers are trying to create practical and modern living spaces that suit the busy new-age lifestyle.

    Modern Interior Designing Ideas

    Less is more: Modern interior designing concepts are based on clean and clear lines. Try to keep your furniture to a bare minimum. For example, while working on your living room, try to keep the furniture limited to large couch (preferably one with straight lines and geometrical shapes) and additional two or three extra chairs. Do not clutter the room with additional futons or benches.

    Wireless World: Electronic appliances are an integral part of the homes today. Be it the refrigerator, the microwave in the kitchen, the sleek television sets in the living room, or the music systems and the laptops in the house – there are a number of electronics which need to have a proper space in the house. Try to incorporate wireless appliances and have flawlessly concealed wiring throughout the house.

    Keeping it Simple: Modern interior designing is all about keeping it all clean and clear with flawless lines and geometrical shapes. The alignment as well as the shapes of the furniture – everything is designed around this concept. Try to keep everything simple and functional in the house. In case you are planning to have a studio apartment, try to maintain the simplicity and enhance the functionality of the space.

    Right Colors: Try to create an ambiance that oozes class and style without too much of effort. Try not to use too many colors, since you don’t want the colors to overpower the entire ambiance, but rather enrich it in a subtle and stylish way. A contrast between light-colored serene walls and furniture in deep-colors can be a great idea.

    Space Utilization: Making optimum use of space for storage should be the number one priority while designing a home. While making enough room for storage try to ensure that there is a lot of free space to move around. Modern interior designing is all about making the rooms seem more spacious than they actually are.

    Invest Wisely: Instead of cluttering the house with too many decorative articles, it is always wise to invest in fewer and better interior designing ideas. Always try to create one or maximum of two attention points in a single room and design the entire room around it. This helps to maintain the simplicity and enhances the aesthetic value of the entire room.

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