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  • Tips For Interior Design

    With thoughtful planning about the renovation of your house, you can have a new look without really burning a hole in your wallet. Interior designing, as a profession, is also quite sought after. If you have a creative streak, one can avoid the heavy expenses, which are incurred by seeking professional advice.

    Tips to Plan the Interiors of Your House

    Before you begin with the planning, you need to know the areas you have to work upon. Is there any specific room or a corner you would like to highlight? Have you thought about the budget? Having a fixed budget can help you plan the work systematically.

    Size of the Room
    Think about the size of the room you need to work on. Is it spacious and cozy, or compact? If your house is really compact, you can use certain elements to create the feeling of spaciousness. For this, you would need to work on the lighting of the room, which should eliminate all the shadows within. Lights fixed in the ceiling area, tend to make the ceiling look lower, and this would make your room appear smaller. Use a soft light throughout the room, as diffused light is known to create the feeling of space as well.

    Patterns and Textures
    Adding too many patterns and textures in the room can give it a compact look. Therefore, it has to be avoided if you stay in a very small flat. You can go in for smooth finishes to give it a larger appearance. Avoid using heavily decorated rugs or carpets for such homes.

    Focus on Elements
    Do you wish to work on a specific area? Focusing on one point in the room can draw more attention to that particular area and add an element of interest to the interiors. When you plan for one large attractive feature, you need to play down the other elements in the room. After all, you do not want all the objects vying for attention. For this, you can get a large painting or have some dramatic furniture.

    The colors of the room need to be planned with careful consideration to the utility of the room, and who would be using it. Loud colors for the bedroom area may actually cause you to lose out on your sleep. Every color is linked to certain emotions. Dark colors can make any room look smaller than its actual size. Light colors can help a compact room appear larger than its actual size. You can go for warm colors in the living room and the kitchen. Such warm colors are lively and can make a person feel energetic. Cool color schemes create a calm feeling and are preferred for the bedroom area.

    Plan a theme for the room. This would also depend on your budget and personal opinion. Floral themes are quite popular and would be easier to manage, because accessories are readily available. Remember to balance all the elements well. If you have floral curtains, balance it with a plain rug. The colors should balance out all the elements. Too many flowered patterns all over the room may result in a disaster. Having a beautiful painting with flowers on a plain wall can coordinate well with floral bedspreads, without really hurting the eye.

    Patterns can also be used to add some drama to the room. Go for patterned wallpapers or have an oriental rug in the center. Rough textures can be used in moderation to create some astounding effects. Patterned rooms can give your house a new look and bring about a fresh change!

    Utilization of Space
    Utilize your space well when it comes to the arrangement of the furniture. Place the desk near the window, so that you can utilize the natural light. Use a curved item or furniture in the corner, to soften the angle of the room. Avoid placing too many large items all around, as you must also consider how comfortable it is to walk within the room.

    Do not be apprehensive about experimenting with the design. Once you get the hang of it, you can use creative options to give a beautiful personal touch to your home!

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  • Furnishing Your Home

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    Keep in mind that whichever furniture you choose, it should match the wall paint. Do not make the room overcrowded with it. When buying furniture for your home, you may want to think about versatility. Look at items that have more than one purpose. Shopping for secondhand items and using them for new purposes can be a cheap way to make an ordinary room look attractive.

    Choosing the Right Furniture
    Your existing furniture can be made to look new by repainting it or by giving it a refinish. This can save you from spending money to buy new furniture, and will also give you an added advantage of changing it to match any new design style you want. Experts suggest reviving an old sofa or a chair with fabric slipcovers. This gives you the flexibility of mixing and matching colors from time to time.

    Carpets, rugs, and plants can also change the feel of a room. They will give the room a fresher look. Plants placed in nice pots give the room a very energetic look.

    Use the following guidelines while dealing with furnishings:

    Adequate storage space is an important factor while decorating your house. Kitchen cabinets, beds with storage space under them, built-in furniture (cupboards, seating, tables, etc.), all utilize space efficiently.

    Go for a cane, metal, or modular furniture. Just as you think of furnishing your indoors, have you ever thought of furnishing your outdoors as well? Today is the time to enjoy nature. Thus relaxing or chatting with friends and relatives in the garden is a welcome thought. Whether you have a bungalow or an apartment balcony, you can furnish outdoor space so that it is cheerful and relaxing.

    There are many options for good quality tables and chairs that do not look plastic. If you are more inclined to relax outside, a variety of lounge furniture is available. Reclining chairs, lounge chairs, folding chairs, and benches can be a handsome addition to any outdoor area.

    Once the new furniture is in place, it is time to accessorize. Decorate your outdoors the way you would indoors. Some of the most popular and satisfying additions are potted plants and flowers. Or, consider some brightly colored dinnerware and glasses to entertain guests.

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