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  • Decorating: Finding that Appropriate Style for Your House

    The most successfully decorated interiors are the ones which express the occupants’ personality, interests, and outlook about life. You need to find a style to call your own. You need a style that you are comfortable with, and which reflects your lifestyle. Some people are born with an inherent sense of knowing what they like, have excellent taste, the ability to choose and blend elements, to create design that reflects their style.

    Decorating in Style
    The following are some guidelines to find your decorating style:

    1) Where do you live?
    Do you live in the city or suburbs? Do you live in a town or village? It is important to flow with the style of the place where you live, keeping the initial theme consistent. You may want to continue the same style in your interior.

    2) Is the home dark, excessively sunny, light and airy?
    If the home is dark, then use light colors, furniture, mirrors, etc. If the home is excessively sunny, take care of the extra sunlight when planning ideas for decorating your house.

    3) How would you like to furnish your house?
    Look at the existing furniture to see what you have selected in the past. What do you choose to take while decorating your home? Work with these items in color and style.

    4) Coloring your home.
    What are your favorite colors, and which of these favorite colors would you like to live with for a long period of time?

    5) Assorted styles are always a very good way to decorate a home.
    You may want to invest in artwork. Use the artwork as the focal point. Use the colors of the artwork to decorate the room around. Look through books and magazines. See what you consistently seem to prefer. Decide what you like about certain elements and ideas over others.

    6) Study your surroundings.
    By studying your surroundings you will gain insight into using the style in your home. Also touring model homes and seeing rooms decorated will benefit you a lot. Snap pictures of ideas you see that you particularly admire. Visiting your friend’s and neighbors’ homes will give you a range of design ideas. Tour decorating shops and studios that reflect your decorating selections and preferences.

    7) Style according to your personality and status.
    Do you entertain a lot, and desire elaborate treatments to show your status in life? Is the home primarily a backdrop for entertainment? Your lifestyle will heavily reflect upon your designing style.

    8) Be sure to think about your animals while designing your home.

    9) Your lifestyle.
    Are you home often? Do you put the home to full use or do you just come home to sleep, bathe, and change clothes? Are you seeking a comfortable, cozy feeling, or want an extremely clean atmosphere desired?

    10) Interior selection.
    Try to decide how you really want your interiors to look. You and your family are the ones who must live everyday with the interior selections. You should have what you really want. If what you desire is not affordable, do the decorating in stages.

    11) Ultimate analysis.
    When you decide which design direction you are going to go for, assemble all the fabric samples, flooring samples, and wallpaper samples. Look at all the samples together in the home. Live with the combination for a few days to see if you and your family are happy with the selected design. Try to match all the things together and try to relate it with your personality, lifestyle, taste and choices. And just like that, you have the best design for your home.

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  • How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

    All About Arrangement
    Make your room appear bigger using color. The first guideline is to use light colors. Light colors reflect light and hence make the room look bigger, while dark colors absorb light, making the room look and feel smaller.

    If the colors in your rooms are already dark, try to move the darker colors to a background role while maximizing your neutral white or ivory. For example, paint the walls with a lighter shade, and use dark colors in a border or trim.

    Paint your wall and moldings with a lighter color. This will give a 3-D effect. Lighter objects appear closer while darker or shadowed objects appear further away. When you paint your moldings with a lighter color, the walls appear further back, thus making your room appear bigger.

    For your fabrics, go for prints that have lighter backgrounds.

    In the bedroom, use darker colors for the valance, tiebacks, table scarves, pillows, and bed covers. Use lighter colors for draperies, table covers, and sheets.

    Furniture Arrangement
    With proper arrangement of furniture you can make your room appear larger. Set some of your larger furniture pieces diagonally. This helps because the longest straight line in any given room is its diagonal. When you place your furniture at an angle, it leads the eye along the longer distance. As a bonus, you often get some additional storage space too!

    Angle your bed so that it is coming out of a corner. Usually the corners opposite to the door is the best. This also gives you more available wall space for dressers and bedside tables. If you have a corner in which your furniture looks lost in, place it at an angle. This will help soften the edges of your room.

    Instead of choosing a smaller sofa, chair, coffee table, and end tables that crowd your living room, cut back. Use only furniture that is absolutely essential.

    Instead of covering the walls with all your pictures, choose a few of the larger pieces and arrange them in a manner that they complement your furniture. The result will pull the attention toward the large furnishings, and away from the actual small size of the room.

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