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  • Black and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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    Black and white looks chic, and you’ll avoid all the time spent on deciding furniture colors. Bedroom decorations in black and white are especially a craze for teens and newlywed couples looking for a bit of the oomph factor in their love lives. The two colors are the symbol of opposites and their co-existence. It is the symbol of complementary natures, proverbially the yin & yang of life. Their complementing nature is beautifully exhibited, as without each other, the room would look too monochromatic. White makes the room look bigger than it is, while adding a few patches of black will add a dramatic contrast making the room look unique. Collectively, all these factors make this bedroom an option that you should definitely try out.

    Furniture Ideas

    This should ideally include everything, right from the flooring and walls to the furniture and accessories. If the walls are not already been painted, we can let our imagination run wild by designing the wall color in a more intricate way. Use furniture to add more variety. You can have a black bed with dual-toned bed sheets, and zebra patterned blankets. Alternatively, you could have a pure black bed sheet with a white pillow-case. Polka dots on the two colors look great too. You could also go for a pure white bed with a black headrest.

    It is also very important to have the correct lampshades and lamp lighting. Ditch the bulbs and go for CFLs. They’ll look great with such a bedroom and conserve energy too. Lampshades will have to be white, no choices there. But the black lamp-stand will look pretty good with it. If you’re a big fan of patterns, you can go for spotted lamp-stands. Hanging lights on the side of your bed looks good too. IMO, chandeliers might not look good in such a setting. For me, angular is the way to go. The lampshades must be small and angular.

    Wardrobes occupy a large part of the room, so they better not look woody. You don’t need so much contrast. You can get a black wardrobe with white doors or vice versa. Even though patterns are in fashion, I would say use them prudently. Vary between hard colors and patterns as much as you can.

    Among other accessories, you may put a chic black TV or a home theater, depending upon the size of your bedroom and your redecoration budget. You can have potted plants, which although green, lend something special to the place. The crazier among us can also use the leafless plastic twigs. White curtains will look pretty good too. As will black dressers. Its best to keep the flooring white. For the ones who want to go for the no-holds-barred sexy look, throw in a splash of darkish-maroon, or even better, a darker shade of violet.

    So don’t just restrict yourself to the ‘good-old-fashioned cream-n-beige with golden lights’. Let the black and white shades add that bit of sophistication and uniqueness to your bedroom.

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  • Palm Tree Bedding

    We spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping; hence, special care should be taken when it comes to the choice of bedding. Good bedding goes hand-in-hand with sound sleep. Decorate your bedroom in different ways using unique styles like contemporary, retro, dorm, etc.

    Palm tree bedding is one of the ways of decorating your bed and the room. You can choose wonderfully-designed bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, etc., for your room. With a luxurious bedding, your room will look more beautiful and classy.

    A Theme for the Bedroom

    You can even give a palm tree theme to your living room, bathroom, etc. It is all about decorating your room with beautiful tropical colors which can appear like bringing home a paradise.

    If you want a bed of different shape and size to suit the theme, you can order it to be made specially and then decorate it. Luxurious beds are available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king size with supreme dimensions. The mattress and comforter should be chosen in such a way that they have designs to match with the decor. It features elegant tapestry fabric along with tailored bed skirt. They are available in different colors like apple green, chocolate-brown, raspberry, etc. The color of bedding and its delicate look, matches any color, theme, and furniture that you have in your room.

    With this theme, you can enhance the look of your bedroom, thus giving it a perfect and lively look. You will feel like, you are on an island enjoying your holidays; thus making your bedroom a perfect vacation spot.

    People staying in waterfront areas as well as desert-locked areas can opt for this type of bedding. This theme is very famous not only for interiors but also for exteriors like backyard, garden, balcony decor, etc. Many people choose it because it gives a fancy look to the whole room, and provides a soothing feeling. It is popular and versatile. With its soft and neutral color patterns, you can decorate your bed according to your mood, season, choice, etc. Some people even choose scenic wallpapers to add to its aesthetic value. People with artistic mind, choose to paint their bed sheets and pillow covers; some prefer hand or machine embroidery. To add more to the look, you can have an artificial palm tree in your bedroom.

    So, with this type of bedding, you can decorate your room by giving it a tropical look. It will make you feel as though you are on your favorite beach. With a properly-decorated bedroom, you can feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

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