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  • Advantages of Rent To Own Furniture

    Rent to own furniture is not a new concept. It has been around since the 80s and is simple enough in theory. You take the furniture item from the company and pay the due in installments, either weekly or monthly, and after a certain number of installments, the furniture item is yours.

    The advantage is that, if the furniture item is defective or is not working like it should, you can return it to the company and they will replace it for you. Often, this may even be done free of cost.

    The other advantage is that you can pay the installments based on your convenience – they can be weekly or monthly – depending upon the frequency of your paycheck.

    The main advantage is that this service can be availed by people who don’t have a great credit history. In most cases, a credit check is not performed. Some companies do perform a credit check. In either case, people with bad credit do not suffer and can avail of lease to own furniture items for their homes.

    If you cannot pay an installment or two, it is best in these cases to inform the company beforehand. This way, your furniture may not be repossessed. But, out of goodwill, they may charge you extra for delayed payments.

    One disadvantage could be that of the price. If one calculates the number of installments one pays for the furniture item, and the actual cost of buying that piece of furniture in one go, one realizes that one ends up paying at least two or three times the actual cost if one decides to go for rent to own furniture.

    But, rent to own furniture can probably be just the thing for you if you eventually see your income increasing in the near future. It can also be a good idea for those of us who want to live a certain lifestyle, but cannot afford to make all the purchases at once.

    Ideally, it has been suggested that you shop around for a good rent to own company which has a customer friendly policy or scheme for lease to own furniture. This way, you will enjoy the advantages and you will not beset by the disadvantages of the scenario. Make sure you read the fine print carefully.

    The ideal consumers for lease to own furniture therefore are college students, military families that are constantly in transit, corporate travelers who stay for longer time periods in a particular place due to temporary work assignments, etc. These people can avail of the benefits of rent to own furniture because they need not commit to the long term prospect of owning major furniture items.

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  • Library Furniture Styles to Suit Your Literary Habits

    Home Library Furniture
    Mexican Rustic Four-Door Bookcase: This is produced by a combination of new, kiln-dried ponderosa pine and genuine wormwood accent planks. The finishing is done with a rich, honey-colored finish. All iron and hardware is hand-forged, and has a distressed, rust-colored finish. Every piece is 100% solid wood.

    Carlton Manor Bookcase : This is decorated with an ogee-molded cornice and classic fluted pilasters. The design has sliding and framed glass doors. The interior has three adjustable shelves and is lighted. Two deep drawers have paneled fronts and bail handles. The solid wood and birch veneer construction has an ebony-color finish.

    Rolling custom wood book shelves : They are in maple, oak, natural or walnut-stained. There are 3-inch heavy duty ball-bearing swivel casters. Additionally, there is 60 inches of shelf storage.

    Fruitwood mission style bookcase: There is medium density fiberboard construction and durable fruitwood laminate finish. There are 3 adjustable shelves. The back panel has cord access.

    Library stand : It is made of finger joint teak and completed in mahogany, and features three glass shelves. It has an adjustable book stand.

    Child craft horizontal bookcase in matte white : Solid wood with a matte white finish. There are two deep shelves. The dimensions are 30.25″ height, 50.25″ width, and 13.25″ depth.

    Library Book Truck with two 9½” deep shelves, 2 slanted LX-MT2 : There is a heavy gauge steel construction with baked-on powder coat paint finish. The weight is 29 lbs. These are 28″ wide, 13″ deep and 27″ high.

    Children’s Library Furniture
    4000 Series activity table with standard legs:

    Heavy gauge tubular steel legs with 1¼” nylon base swivel glide.
    There is a charcoal black banding for gray and medium oak tables.
    Heavy gauge tubular steel legs with 1¼” nylon base swivel glide.
    Standard legs adjust from 22 to 30″ in 1″ increments.
    The dimensions are 22 – 30″ height, 24″ width, and 36-48″ length.

    6800 Series Multi-purpose table:

    All welded 17 gauge steel apron and 1¼” tubular legs.
    1 9/32″ nylon based glides.
    High-pressure particleboard laminate work surface.
    Charcoal black frame with powder coat finish.
    Underside sealed with back-sheet to prevent warping.

    4000 Series Activity table with fully chrome legs:

    1⅛” thick tops having a durable high-pressure laminate.
    Gray and Medium Oak tables have charcoal black banding.
    Charcoal black frame with fully chrome legs.
    table edges cushioned with protective T-mold banding.
    heavy gauge tubular steel legs with 1¼” nylon base swivel glide.

    School Library Furniture
    Sloping Shelf Trucks:

    All welded steel rolling book carts having 400 lb capacity.
    4″ dual-wheel casters with soft tread.

    Flat Shelf Trucks: There are 4″ dual wheel casters and two- or three-shelf classroom carts.

    Gorilla book trucks:

    There are 13 different hues to choose from.
    It has a multi-functionality and super strength.
    It is possible to load these trucks with 600 lbs of books.
    The fixed middle casters allot the truck to pivot on an axis.

    Nomads: Flat-shelf has movable shelving with laminate tops. The Browser bin is an ideal utility cart for moving oversize school materials and large quantities of supplies. Multi-shelf nomad is a versatile classroom cart and library cart, as it transports a large quantity of items.

    Brodart Library Furniture
    This qualifies for LEED points under the Materials and Resources category. All the Brodart wood suppliers harvest from the Forest Stewardship Council Lands. Forest Lands serve an essential function in providing renewable raw materials and energy. Lumber is used to construct Broadart furniture is replenished by planting new trees. Brodart provides furniture made of formaldehyde-free plywood.

    Texwood Library Furniture
    There are rift cut veneers on the front panels of all Circulation desk modules. There is heavy-day table leg plates on tables. The table legs are formed from one solid piece of oak. These are connected to table tops with bolts passing through an 5/6″ thick x 6′ x 6′ of solid steel into metal threaded insets for a more stable connection.

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